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#truManchester Track List

The Candidate Experience

There is much talk about the importance of the candidate experience both towards the employer brand and the recruiter relationship. What do we really do to support the candidate through the process of applying for a job? 99% of candidates or respondents will probably be rejected, how can this be turned in to a positive experience and is it really important? What are candidates saying about recruiters and employers now? Should we really care? All this and more from a candidates perspective.

A War For Talent?

Is there really a war for talent? Who is winning and what are they doing? Is it really a war for your talent and what defensive tactics are you taking to keep your to performers and key employees? What are the emerging sectors and how do you reach the talent? Bring your view on where you think talent is in demand and the best ways to find them.

Social Media Circus

Some recruiters and employers have made great in roads in to social recruiting, whilst others are distinctly anti-social. What channels bring the best results? What are the legal fears and how can they be avoided? How are employers and recruiters using social media now and what results are they getting? How can you avoid time wasting and just what is social sourcing? This is always a popular track that will be run several times during the event. expect standing room only!

Phoenix Recruiting

allegedly the recession is over. There has definitely been an uplift in hiring. Candidate and hiring company behaviour and expectation has changed considerably post recession. How has this impacted? What changes in operating practice are needed now and what will change in the future? Bring your experiences and views to make the best plan for the recovery.

Linking In

Most recruiters, corporate or third-party have linked in profiles and report very different results. How can this huge resource be best used in recruiting? What applications can be added? How and why should you belong to groups? What applications can you use to best effect? Is Linked In a job board? How do you find and approach candidates? Do you need to pay for services, and if you do, what benefit do you really get? Bring your profile for a health check and best advice.

The Future For H.R.

Where is H.R. going next? What needs to change and what should the role of H.R. really mean? How can H.R. achieve influence over organisation and achieve senior status and recognition? What should be the scope of responsibility? Where does H.R. end and operations start? Expect some forthright views and heated discussion in this track that is open to all.

Recruiting Technology

Technology is changing rapidly and so is choice. Recruiters and hiring organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on making the right technology choices. How should your data-base be used? What impact cloud computing? How do you integrate social? What should your website do for you and say about you? Learn from others, share your experiences and look to current and future requirements.

Sourceology and the UK

A sourcer is not a resourcer, they are full of all kinds of tricks to find the best talent. #Tru events have always attracted the best practitioners from the UK and overseas. Share in their secrets as to how to find the best candidates anywhere. Whats the difference between sourcing and resourcing? How is sourcing being practiced here? Whats the difference between looking for C.V.’s and People. how do you turn names in to active candidates? Is the best approach just in time sourcing or building a talent pool? All this and more from the best in the business.

Job Board 2020

Are job boards dying or evolving in to something new? What to job seekers really want from a job board and what does the research say? How can the boards integrate social? What does a niche board need to do to thrive against the giants? How important is community? What do recruiters really think and how are we using job boards now? Share your view with some leading market names.

Battle of the Bloggers.

Over the last 12 months we have seen a host of blogs appearing in the sector with different levels of results. Where do you start and why would you do it? How do you create content on a regular basis that people want to read? How much time should you invest and what can you expect back? Share with some of the most experienced bloggers and learn how blogging has evolved. #truManchester will include a blogging competition, and tracks may well be split between experienced bloggers and those thinking of starting.

Facing up to Facebook

Increasingly, Facebook is evolving in to a business channel, with real benefits for recruiters and employers. Battle lines are drawn between those who have stepped in to this space, and those who believe that Facebook friends should be just that. How can you use Facebook for recruiting? Whats the difference between a fan and a friend? how do you keep your friends engaged? How does this channel differ from others? Join the big Facebook debate that is bound to evolve.

The future for Recruiting

Recruiting is evolving. Increased competition and more demanding candidates are changing the market place. Theres web-based recruiting, job boards, direct sourcing as well as a changing agency market. legislation brings about constant change. Candidates and clients want something different. Social media has impacted massively on the skills needed by recruiters. What of the future? Join the conversation about where the market could go and shape your plans for the future.

Next Generation Recruiting

Gen Y wants something different, or do they? How is graduate recruiting, attraction and retention changing? how has this shift impacted on the way young people want to work? Is it a question of age, attitude or more? how can you integrate new recruits in to the workforce, and how can they work side by side with the Boomers? Guaranteed to be heated. Join the discussion.


After crod sourcing opinion and taking suggestions, we have now added the following 8 tracks:

Going mobile

With over 75% of new internet sign ups coming via mobile channels, and the advent of the I-pad, applications and location based everything, what are the implications for recruiting and HR? Is mobile an extension of normal digital strategy or is a new approach needed? Are the app’s the new shiny toys or essential for talent attraction? All this and more.

Blog Launch

Due to demand, we are splitting the blog tracks between discussions amongst the experienced bloggers and an introduction for those considering starting a blog or fairly new. Why blog? What rules apply? What are the best platforms, themes, widgets and plug ins? Where and when to start? Guest or host? A great start for a new blogger.

Community Building

What constitutes a community? Where to find community members and the best ways to attract and engage with them. Is a talent community the best use of time? What is the best platform for community building? How to build an internal employee community.

The Talent Pool

Talent pool v Talent puddle v J.I.T. Sourcing, what is the best strategy? How do you achieve R.O.I. against time invested in building a talent pool? How do you engage passive job seekers? What content pays off?

Employee Branded

Where does employee brand start and finish.  What dictates employer brand.  What impact social media?  How do you monitor perception and reality?  Why is employer branding important?  What is the difference between employer branding and personal branding?

Diverse Workforce

Diversity is a watchword in recruiting but why is it important outside of legislation?  How do you reach a diverse candidate base and how does diversity impact on operational practice?  This track will include an impressive case study from Arie Ball Sodhexo USA.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

With skills shortages in some sectors impacting on recruiting, relocation becomes an attractive possibility. What are the pro’s and cons of relocating candidates? What are the considerations when selecting candidates? What complications arise from relocating people and family’s? All this and more will be up for discussion with relocation experts.

All of a twitter

There’s plenty of noise and participation from recruiters in the twitter stream. There is lots of talk about how effective the channel is for recruiting, but is it best left to the likes of Stephen Fry? What successes are being achieved? What is the best way to build a meaningful network of followers? Is it really about engagement or is a broadcast strategy best? What applications and tools help you find your way through the maze?

Share your thoughts with successful and unsuccessful twitter recruiters.

These are the 23 scheduled tracks over the 2 days of #truManchester. Please add your comments over any other tracks you want to see in the comments section below. This is YOUR event!

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  1. July 19, 2010 3:48 pm

    Hi All,

    It looks to be a wonderful event… I’m looking forward to following the stream from it! Cheers, Bryan – @drivethruHR


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