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Stuart Murray

Hello. As an unconference virgin and track leader debutant I expect my experience atthe forthcoming #truManchester to be something of a baptism of fire. However, I’mpromised it will be a refreshing and informal affair: “open and collaborative learning
with a healthy dose of networking,” according to Twitter hotshot James Mayes. This suits me just fine.
Key to my appearance is the opportunity to lead a track that will examine the
introduction of online recruitment market places like, of which
I am the founder and Managing Director, to the UK recruitment industry. I relish the prospect of a lively discussion that will centre around my belief that the recruitment ‘brokerage’ business model is here to stay, following successful launches across the Atlantic.
Naturally, I am also keen to meet, and more importantly listen to, my peers –
likeminded entrepreneurs and fellow online recruitment evangelists.
For those that do not know me, or are unfamiliar with, I
guess I should at least let you know who I am, and the path that led me here.
I have worked within the recruitment industry for almost all of my adult life. It makes me feel old when I say it (even older when I commit it to print), but I boast over 15 years’ experience, and exposure to many of the industry’s core sectors.
Before launching I was rresponsible for a team of 35 staff and an office with an annual turnover in excess of £15 million.
I hit upon the idea of a recruitment ‘market place’ when the financial world seemingly imploded in 2008. At the time I was running my own specialist recruitment agency and battling for every fee during what was a global drought. I sought refuge in the idea of creating a portal that would provide employers and recruiters with the platform and tools in which to connect more efficiently.
The concept was relatively simple: employers would upload their vacancies onto the platform for free and set the fixed fee they would be prepared to pay the agency that found a suitable candidate. This would generate a steady stream of direct employer vacancies for recruiters to work on without the need for cold calling or acceptance onto an employer’s PSL.
I set to work in the spring of 2009 and launched in February this year.
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