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Mark Williams

Having spent nearly 20 years in the recruitment industry in the UK, Mark learnt the benefits of having strong professional networks.
He first heard about Linkedin when (like most of us) someone invited him to connect – He didn’t really know what it meant but I accepted the invitation anyway out of curiosity more than anything else!
Having connected with this individual he found he couldn’t resist checking their profile to see who else they were connected with – in this list were several people he also knew and some others who he had lost contact with. Mark then started to realise that this tool could prove to be very useful!

Mark began to see the benefits of LinkedIn – for advertising my business, researching new customers and (as a recruiter) finding candidates it became an invaluable tool. As he started to explore its ever increasing features I found it difficult to obtain the information and training required to master Linkedin so in 2008 he decided to start up a training business aimed at providing this service to others.

Mark spent months researching, attending training courses and interviewing experienced LinkedIn users across the world and  now enjoys passing that knowledge on to my delegates. Initially I focussed on training recruiters (who are some of the most enthusiastic users of LinkedIn).

ETN workshops are designed to give you the right knowledge and skill to get out there and make things happen – with particular emphasis on embracing the internet and using modern networking tools to your advantage.

Mark is now considered to be the foremost authority on linked In in the U.K. recruitment sector.

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