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Katharine Robinson

Katharine Robinson is excited by the ever developing social aspects of the web. I channel this excitement into helping companies identify the people they should be engaging with online.

She can usually be found on the Internet masquerading as TheSourceress.

Why TheSourceress?

Katharine chose the name when she started work for a company of head hunters called EcoSearch (a specialist Executive Search consultancy in the field of Renewable Energy). In this field, those in internet research are often referred to as Talent Sourcers.

Katharines Projects

Katharine gets involved in all sorts of things – you might know me through any or all of them, here’s a quick breakdown;

Sourcing and Recruitment:
She is an Internet Talent Sourcer with a passion for the social web. As a part of this she manages the UK Sourcers Network, a Ning network that aims to grow sourcing skills in the UK recruitment community.

Katharine  provides Internet sourcing as well as training in these skills to recruitment companies and direct employers.

In 2010, Katharine  won the coveted SourceCon Challenge and currently holds  the title of Grand Master Sourcer .

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