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About #truManchester

#truManchester is the 5’th recruiting unconference organised since we launched in November 2009. So far we have hosted 2 events in London as well as Madison,U.S.A and Amsterdam.

An unconference is an event different in most ways to a traditional conference.

There are a few simple rules to understand before deciding to sign up for an unconference:

1: There are no presentations or Powerpoint

2: Any attendee can lead a track on any topic of their choice

3: The role of the track leader is to facilitate conversation not to dictate it. Any attendee can speak at any time, we just ask that you show common courteousy  to all the other attendees.

4: Tracks initially last for 1 hour

5: Attendees are encouraged to move between tracks at any time. don’t stay around being bored in order to be polite

Apart from that, pretty much anything goes. You can network in the coffee hour, question and disagree with the track leaders and  start your own tracks at any time. Don’t wait for permission or an invitation!

The key to get the most out of this event is to attend with your own questions and contacts you want to meet and to jump in with both feet.

Tickets are £100 for 2 days and attendance is strictly restricted to 100, so you need to book now. We have listed the main tracks that will be running during the 2 days and will be crowd sourcing for other track titles right up to the event. You can leave your own suggestions for tracks in the crowd source tracks section of this blog. Please let us know the topics that are important to you, and that you want to discuss. This is your opportunity to give your view, share and listen to a whole range of industry colleagues with an interest and experience and recruiting.

The last UK event attracted attendees from 11 countries and 3 continents, and we already have some leading industry names lined up as track leaders. Please sign up and join the conversation!


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