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I ate at the #trumanchester tabel of knowledge.

September 12, 2010

I spent 2 days dining at the #trumanchester tabel of knowledge. Made up of 80 diners, each with a different plate packed from their own perspective and experience.
I came with my own plate, full of all the things I knew. As soon as I sat down, everybody elses plate looked far more appetising. I started to trade what I had, for what looked better or more useful on somebody elses plate. I ate from some plates where I had nothing to give, but they gave freely anyway. In the end we stuck it all on the buffet tabel, shared what we had and ate all we could. #trumanchester became an all you can eat buffet, and i took a huge doggy bag that I will be dipping in to for some time to come.
I’m hungry for learning, to all that came to #trumanchester, thanks for sharing!

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