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6 things we don’t do at #truManchester

September 6, 2010

I hope you have seen the schedule for the 8’th and 9’th. In case you have missed it, it’s the last page on the menu. All tracks are subject to change, and if you want to add any, (secret tracks), then jump in and start one. We don’t stand on ceremony.

Equally, your free to move between tracks. the track leaders will not be offended, so get to as many as you can and be sure to tell us what you want out of the track. That’s the whole unconference ethos!

For #tru virgins, here’s 6 things we don’t do:

1: Presentations or PowerPoint

2: Give out name badges. If you want to know who someone is, ask them. If you see someone new, introduce yourself. It’s called conversation!

3: Organise lunch. Part of the conversation is pairing up and going somewhere local in whatever group you choose.

4: Hold back on views. We expect everyone to engage and speak freely, and disagree, while respecting others.

5: Be miserable. Keep a smile on your face. this is supposed to be fun 🙂

6; Turn your phones off. We want you tweeting, engaging, posting to FB or blogs, videoing, asking for questions and views from the twitter stream and being active!

In case you missed the venue, we are turning the Manchester Conference Centre in to the Unconference centre. You can find the address and location at the end of the post.

If anyone wants any tickets, I have 7 left!


Link to the Venue

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