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Thinking of Blogging? #truManchester

August 24, 2010

Needing Inspiration?

I’ve run my own blog, The Recruiting Unblog (Tru), for 10 months now and have launched 3 other blogs during that time. I also write between 5 and 10 guest posts a week for other bloggers around the world that want to publish my take on things. During that time I have had some excellent advice from some great bloggers that I share with others when I can.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, here is my 3 top reasons why you should:

1: You give your network a home and a permanent record to your views, thoughts and in this evolving technical world, discoveries.

2: You can position yourself as a voice in your market place. The more people who value what you write, the more people will consider you when shopping for your service or product offering.

3: Keeping up with your blog gives you another reason to keep up with your market.

3 barriers to blogging and a few solutions:

1: Nothing to write about.

Everybody has something they are passionate about. Think about the things that get your attention or the case studies you know about. Once you start, it gets easier. Write for yourself, and you will be surprised how many people share your passion.

2: I can’t get it right.

A search for perfection or a fear of getting in wrong in a public place stops lots of potential bloggers from starting. Most of the good bloggers I admire have been doing it for a while now. They learnt by doing and with feedback and by testing different things (using analytics to monitor results), they are constantly evolving a bigger and better blog. The hardest post to write is the first one, get it out there and start learning.

3: I’m not sure I can find something to write about once I’ve started.

Some days you have plenty of ideas for content, on other days there is nothing there. When you don’t have the inspiration, don’t post for the sake of it. I keep a list of titles in my drafts as I think of them as a reminder of things I can post about. You can also review the blogs you read or post an extended comment on something you’ve read recently.

How to get started.

It is worth trialing a few blogs in the blogging communities that take posts without the need for consistent posting. This helps you to get known and develop a style without having to worry about design, plug-ins or any of the other stuff that can make setting up confusing. Look for bloggers in your network that you know, they may be open to a guest blog which can start the ball rolling as well as getting you extra exposure.

Next step choose your blogging platform. I played around with a few, but favour for its functionality and being a non techie, ease of set up. It takes a few minutes to register a blog and there are plenty of simple tutorials in help if you need it, as well as 1000’s of themes and backgrounds to choose from. You really don’t need any design or programming skills to come up with something that is functional and looks great. (My 10-year-old son  has recently done it without any help, launching 2 be Frank)

We will be running 2 blogging tracks at #truManchester, ” Battle of the Bloggers”,  to talk maximising your blog to increase audience and effectivness and “Blog It” as an introduction to blogging. I have no doubt there will be some great tips shared and debated in both. If you’r thinking of blogging, this would be a great place to start.

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