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5 Branding Questions

August 2, 2010

The more branding talk I get involved in, the more confused I become over just where employer branding begins and ends.

Depending who you talk to, it’s anything from your operational practices through to your whole reputation in the market place as a company.
I’ve always felt that it has more to do with whats being said about you by others, rather than what you are saying about yourself. I described this in a blog post on “The Recruiting Unblog” as “Employee Branded.

The marketing experts tell me that you can package this for public consumption. The H.R. experts tell me that it is more to do with how you operate and your reputation. To have a “good” employer brand you need to be a “good company.” my preference is for the latter.
Felix Wetzel, Marketing Director of #truManchester sponsor Jobsite and a track-leader for the event has said in the past that employer brand is not a separate entity to corporate brand,  and talks of the all-encompassing brand that impacts on every aspect of a company, and no one area in isolation.
I also question personal and corporate branding. While there is much talk of personal branding, most people are ultimately corporate in that they are looking to use social media to advance themselves professionally, or to sell their products or services. My thought is that though you may mix plenty of personal content on FB or Twitter, if you are looking to advance professionally then it is all corporate whatever the conversation.

Authenticity in branding is another area. Jump in to social media and it’s not long before you find posts on the need to be both authentic and transparent. 2 words that feature highly on buzz-word Bingo. How can you be authentic and transparent when the same experts are repeatedly advising you to think before you post and moderate your content. Can you be honest with your opinion even if it goes against the flow of opinion and still protect your brand?

My 5 Big Questions I’m going to be raising at the Employee Branded track at #truManchester are:

1: Where does the employer brand start and finnish?

2: What is the difference between Corporate Brand and Personal Brand?

3: How do you balance honesty with Branding?

4: What is the best ways to encourage Brand Advocacy?

5: What is the best way to protect employer brand in a crisis?

With these questions in mind, I’m really looking forward to taking an active part in this track, and to hear the thoughts of other attendees and the track-leaders.

The track leaders for this track are Amanda Hite (@sexythinker) who is one of my favourite people. In her career Amanda’s had the opportunity to work with some  with some fantastic employment brands including Hard Rock International here in the UK, which gives her plenty to say.

Arie Ball is the V.P. for talent attraction at social-recruiting success story Sodexo. Arie will be sharing insights in to their branding story in the case studies track, as well as giving real life examples of what they do, rather than what they think in this track.

Jorgan Sundberg is a Branding Consultant and strategist who has worked in 5 countries, giving him a unique insight in to the differences in branding globally. Jorgan also advises on personal branding for job seekers through one of my favourite blogs, The Undercover Recruiter.

Felix Wetzel needs little introduction as the Marketing Director of Jobsite. Felix is well qualified in both marketing and branding from a corporate perspective, and spreads his message through his blog “People, Brands and Random Thoughts.”

That is quite a line up, and I hope to get all of my questions answered. What would you add to the list?

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  1. sexythinker permalink
    August 2, 2010 8:07 am

    Bill it’s a pleasure to be mentioned in the likes of such incredible company and I’m thrilled to be attending TruManchester!

    I did want to make one correction I don’t manage the brand for Hard Rock Cafe. HRC here in the states has participated in our TR live events and we do have the extreme fortune of working with Hard Rock International home-based in the UK on UCL stuff. Hanging with that gang has taught me so much about kick ass brands because they’ve certainly nailed it!!!

    See you soon!

    Amanda Hite

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