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Global Talent – location, sourcing and relocation

July 23, 2010

One of the trends that is a global problem, is the gap between the skills of the unemployed and the skills needed by employers. This is evident from the fact that in most developed economies the number of recorded open vacancies continue to increase month on month. At the same time, unemployment is continuing to rise in the same countries.
This presents problems for both employers and job seekers. Those with the desired skills are amongst the employed, and illustrates the distinct gap between the skills training delivered over the past 10 years and the skills that are needed now.
One solution to this, apart from retraining or changing expectation, is to look global as to where candidates with the desired skills are located.
To illustrate this, I have teemed up with the clever guys from Zubed.Com to research and produce a visual map of where the skills and the jobs are. We will be discussing this in the Phoenix Recruiting track at #truManchester.
I’m presenting the findings of the research at #HRFlorida and #TNLlive in Dallas at the end of August, and will bring the feedback from the events to Manchester.

With this in mind, relocating candidates across countries and continents is becoming more of a realistic option. To discuss the complications and practicalities of this in the real world, Rob van Elburg of Amsterdam based Rave Recruitment will be following up with a track on relocation recruitment. Rob is an expert in relocating candidates, both as a corporate and third-party recruiter.
Combine this with the tracks on global talent sourcing from Katharine Robinson and Geoff Webb, and you can come up with a plan as to how to locate the in demand talent wherever they reside.
I think we have a real opportunity to explore global skill shortages, locating in demand talent and the relocation solution on the 8th September.
Only 40 tickets left now at £100.00. Get yours now!

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